Wednesday, November 29, 2006

pregnancy update 8 weeks


Monday, 11/27/2006:

8 weeks 2 days

PROS: getting to be too busy to obsess (plus past the point where i had m/c first time, so less need). feeling great most of the time. looking forward to less fatigue.

CONS: forgot my meds sat. pm and spent yesterday miserable! missing IBS meds = spend the day in the bathroom. missing GERD meds = spend the day nauseous, popping Rolaids. missing asthma meds = spend the day short of breath. (the PRO to this CON is when i figured out what happened, i was so relieved to realize that i wasn't going to feel like this for weeks!)

Wednesday, 11/29/2006:

i'm still starving, exhausted, and busy! the nutrition/diet thing is going fairly well - i behave for a couple of days, then take a day off. when the food aversions stop i'll try harder to go longer between days off. had to have mcdonald's for lunch today - extra pickles on a quarter pounder, lots of fries - it's just a taste that nothing else will satisfy!

gotta get more work in; no $$$!

my neighbor has promised me a baby shower - at first i felt like major selfish; i already had two! first baby had NC and PA family shower, and second in UT had shower. well, this one is in NC, and 7.5 years after #2, so i have NOTHING in the big category, and NOTHING in the small category (except a few keepsakes, going-home outfits etc.), either! planning to register at Target, probably shortly after Christmas. the good part is, i know exactly what i need and will USE.

major pregnant brain - no linear thought, just non sequiturs all day. no so different from usual for me, i can hear you saying! at least i'm used to non sequiturs. so my posts may read this way for the duration.

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