Thursday, April 20, 2006

laser eyes?

no more. went for annual checkup ~3/2/06, was told eyes are TIRED of compensating for astigmatism, and i would be happier with glasses for close work (computer esp.).

having had the glasses for ~4 weeks now, i must admit i AM happier. the symptoms the doctors attributed to trigeminal neuralgia and neuropathy are nearly gone - and came back the day i forgot to wear my glasses. i've been on neuro meds for months, and ?without reason? moved up my followup appointment; we were planning to taper anyway, and with this, i'm eager to begin that.

between allergies and astigmatism, my eyes and nose could be burning without it being attributed to the trigeminal nerve. sometimes perhaps we know too much about science, and look for the complicated explanations when the simpler ones might be more correct. of course, when i started having this problem, it had only been a few months since my annual eye exam, and i had no problem then, so who could have known? not me - and apparently neither the family doctor nor the neurologist, either!

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