Friday, November 25, 2005

weather & NC

we've had unseasonably high temperatures for quite some time, but they fell rather swiftly to the area of 51 last week. figured we'd warm up a touch - today's forecast high is 45 - but stay in this general area. we've had high winds and lots of rain the last few days, so i expected a little warming.

well, i just peeked at next week's calendar on (i love it - free computerized calendar. who needs blackberries?) to see if i have anything i need to remember. the calendar includes the forecast. not bad for free, right? well, monday is forecast high of 71, and tuesday of 76.

well, it's north carolina, is all i can say. i do hope we have a pretty cold winter so we have fewer bugs next spring, and hopefully fewer allergens. i know, who are you and what have you done with our jennifer? especially her scarlett half? well, i'm getting older and wiser all the time, and learned how our winter weather affects our summer pests. hehehe

i'm also planning a big party in may when i break my lifetime record for longest time in one house. isn't that cool? may have to continue having parties every year i remain in this house, too. and with dad's custom pantry work, how could i leave? we talk about doing a sunroom in back; rip out the deck, put in a screen porch, only with glass so we can use it all year. that would be great. hardwood floors if we ever become solvent.

anyhoo... just a wee little vent. hope y'all are colder than me (hey, i'm still jennifer most of the time!).

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Malana said...

well...if it makes you feel better..I think the high today in loverly Ogden Utah is 34. It is currently yup, I'm colder than you are! bbrrrrrrrrrrr