Saturday, July 30, 2005


it's time for DOING, not blogging. just checked this and didn't even remember posting my May thoughts, but there they are. ain't blogs great!

we took a trip to the beach with my dear aunt and her family. they fit nicely in between our ages; DH is oldest, followed by aunt, uncle, me, girl cousin, DS, boy cousin, DS. Had a blast, learned new vegetarian recipe for tacos which we actually prefer to meat. the beach is too dang expensive but DH doesn't experience summer unless he goes to the ocean, so whaddayagonnado? plus, had nice income tax return, so there ya go. beach, childcare for the summer, and back into debt.

going to visit DH's brother next week at another beach. survived brain abscess six months ago; the whole family is getting together to say "sure glad you aren't dead, dude."

meanwhile, my big sister is - surprise! - expecting in October. just turned 37. should be an adventure!

#2 son had tonsils out the end of May, and between that and summer being what it is, there goes the blog until September. So unless I have any DEEP THOUGHTS before Sept., I'll see you then.

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